Medium Driftwood Fly-Display, #M-1


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Product Description

This medium-sized fly-display has a piece of 12″ long, naturally-weathered Manzanita driftwood beautifully jutting out of a piece of grey slate. It’s neutral colors make it the perfect display for making a set of brightly colored flies stand out, while using it to display similarly neutral or drab patterns would allow them to shine without being overshadowed by a more colorful display. The base is supported by five small, felt-pad feet. Though not unstable, the offset design of this display allows it slightly less stability than other designs in our shop – it is recommended for display in areas unlikely to be disturbed.

The flies shown for a sense of size reference are a 5/0 Ranger-style salmonfly, a 3/0 Orange Heron, & a 1 1/2 Low-Water pattern.

The flies in the photos above are not stuck into the driftwood to keep the fly-displays pristine until they are shipped to you. We recommend changing flies on these displays as little as possible. The natural driftwood used in these fly-displays holds onto hooks very well, but it isn’t like a flybox – the less you add or remove flies to the display, the longer it will remain beautiful!

This is a unique, one-of-a-kind product – exactly what you see in the photos is what will be shipped upon purchase.