Custom Framing


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Product Description

Solid wood frames. Each frame is custom cut and assembled to order, and finished to specifically compliment what is mounted inside them.

Add a frame to your cart along with a piece of commissioned artwork or a full-dress salmon fly and it will ship to you mounted and matted in a custom frame, specifically hand made for you.

As the scope of a frame varies with the scope of each individual order, the price shown here is an initial deposit. When we contact you for the full details of your desired frame, we will quote you the balance, if any, to be paid at the time of delivery of the finished work.

All of our work is custom. The standard lead time for framed work is shipping three weeks from the date of deposit. Depending on the specifications and current workloads, it may be longer or shorter. We will give you a more accurate estimate when we contact you for the details of your order.